Why Granada is Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

Cathedral in Central Park in Granada, Nicaragua
Cathedral in Central Park in Granada, Nicaragua

Well, she is hot but the city of Granada, Nicaragua is both hot (temperature) and has become the hot spot in Nicaragua. My first visit to Granada was April of 2004 with my grandmother.  We spent a week in her native country visiting family.  An adventurous aunt took us on a lovely tour of different areas in Nicaragua.  The city of Granada was one of my favorite’s.  We came to Granada to have lunch and visit local churches.  I was awestruck by the raw beauty of this colorful city.  I was surprised to see so many European tourists walking around the city.  I was left with the impression of the city and knew that I would return.  I returned to Nicaragua in 2014 and came straight to Granada and was pleased to see the increase in tourism. The elements that prevail in Granada are nature and history making this city one of the most visited destinations in Nicaragua.


IMG_0064The colonial architecture of its old center has many galleries, hotels, restaurants, bars and a cosmopolitan ambiance that makes this city a hot spot. Some of the attractions include the Volcan Mombacho (inactive), elongated coasts on Lake Cocibolca (Lake Nicaragua), an archipelago, natural reserves and the oldest city in the country, which still preserves original historic colonial center. The population is divided almost evenly between the urban and rural areas. Its rural area, which is constituted by 17 villages and the Zapatera Island, is known for ecotourism and petroglyphs.

View of Mombacho Day
View of Mombacho from Isleta

The Volcan Mombacho features an exotic cloud forest and is situated on lake Nicaragua. The Lake is a hop, skip and a jump from the central park and you will often see tourists paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming or taking boat tours. The archipelago of “Las Isletas” is constituted by more than 300 small islands on this lake are privately owned.  Some of the islands are ecolodges, some are homes, and some are for rent for private parties.  Anywhere you go on the lake, you will have a breath-taking view of Volcan Mombacho. The enigmatic Zapatero Archipelago, which preserves part of its forest and an archaeological pre-Columbian treasure, is situated on the lake.

5 countries represented
Five Countries Represented – Granada Nightlife

I return to Granada every year and have made friends from all over the world. I have met amazing people from London, Amsterdam, Germany, Mexico, Japan, Australia, Canada and of course, a rich community of ex-pats that enjoy living here. Granada is a very special and magical city. If I have not succeeded in convincing you to hit the “Book Now” button for airline ticket, stay tuned for more highlights.

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