7 signs you need a detox this fall

7 signs of why you need to detox/cleanse

1.  White/yellow coating of the tongue.  In Ayurvedic terms this white coating is called AMA, which is the undigested, unprocessed food stuff that lingers around in your body looking for a place to lodge itself.  It is thick, sticky and foul smelling.  Ama is the root of all disease and a glaring sign of high toxicity in the body.
2.  Fluid retention, feelings of sluggishness or weight gain.   Feelings of heaviness or sluggishness are signs of slow metabolism, which results in weight gain.  A detox will reset your digestive system offering the chance to boost metabolism.
3.  Cravings/blood sugar issues that cause mood swings.  We all have cravings, and it is the body’s way of letting us know when we are deficient in certain vitamins or minerals, but these cravings are only correct when we do not have toxins in the body.  The presence of toxins and addiction to sugar causes cravings for the wrong foods.   Some of these cravings are emotional but physical cravings come from highly processed foods that artificially stimulate dopamine, a pleasure neurotransmitter, which causes addiction.  These cravings do go away with detoxification, I swear!
4.  Putting stuff in your body that doesn’t make you feel good and overeating.  You know what i’m talking about the hamburgers, hot dogs, summer bbq foods are so deliciously heavy and you can’t stop eating them.  Let’s face it, we all partake in summer food fun and a detox will certainly help you eliminate all the summer slush and get you prepped for fall and winter.
5.  Food allergies/sensitivities.  Keep changing your diet because you find it hard to digest certain foods like dairy or gluten?  In our gut, there is beneficial microflora present that absorb and assimilate nutrients from our food and the lack of this microflora results in food sensitivities/allergies.  The presence of toxins can over time proliferate more severe digestive issues like leaky gut or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).  A detox will help cleanse out your digestive system and then enable you to restore the healthy microflora by eating a balanced diet and probiotic-rich foods like sauerkraut, kombucha, and kimchi.
6.  Acne, rosacea, eczema, dry skin.  When the blood is acidic or carrying toxins often times, it will manifest directly on the skin.  A detox helps cleanse the liver and gall bladder, which in turn will clean the blood of toxins.
7. Insomnia or oversleeping.  Sleeplessness and over sleeping are also tell tale signs of a sluggish digestion.
Have you found that you have 3 or more of these signs?  Chances are your poor liver is in dire need of a vacation, which also means it needs a good cleaning.  Don’t be fooled by many detoxes that you hear about or even read about, those starvation detoxes are not sustainable.  Ayurvedic cleanse is very gentle, highly effective and totally full of all good, clean food.  In the Ayurvedic community, we detox twice a year at the juncture of spring and fall.  As I described above, the accumulation of heavy eating and heat from the summer months needs to be shed so that we can transition into the cooler months with ease.  Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post will detail what is entailed in our Ayurvedic detox and I will share personal stories on why I can’t go without my seasonal cleanses!



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