Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Sara – a holistic diet & lifestyle educator; yoga & fitness teacher; holistic health coach & writer. It’s nice to meet you! I’m proud to be a Bostonian, but I consider myself a child of the world. My maternal grandmother (very special lady) was born in the beautiful country of Nicaragua and when she passed away, I was blessed with an opportunity to rediscover  her country back in 2015 and made my second home for a year.  I feel a great sense of connection to the nature of this country and I am proud of leading yoga wellness & adventure retreats in Nicaragua.  This country is surrounded by water – sea, lagoons, lakes, rivers and rich culture.

I love to travel, read, exercise, hike, cook, create things, write, and eat! I am pursuing a PH.d in Life. I am a real yogi. I wear makeup, drink coffee every morning, and swear a lot – and I’m not afraid to admit I’m a human. My love of health, diet, and exercise inspired me to start this blog – but I believe true  health is more than just diet and exercise. Health is a mixture of having a sound mind, body, and soul that allow you to enjoy life, be full of energy, and feel good in your own skin.

That’s why I take a holistic approach to wellness.

I practice, teach, and write about holistic modalities – such as Ayurveda, yoga, etc. – because these practices have assisted me in search for balance and overall health. My journey with holistic medicine has helped me beat Multiple Sclerosis and to live a full and happy life without medication.

The way I see life is there are so many tools that can help improve our life – the key is to find which ones works for you. My hope is to provide you with resources to help direct you in a very simplistic, no bullshit, and enjoyable way to your path of happiness and health.

Light & Love,