Private lessons are structured to match your level of experience, pace, and the issues you wish to address in your body. Each session with me is customized to meet your needs and support your goals. Private yoga can be an excellent way for beginners that prefer a private setting as opposed to a classroom. Private yoga is also great for more experienced students to overcome limitations or returning to a yoga practice after an inury. I work with individuals that are dealing with injury issues as I have experienced many injuries and have found private yoga and massage to be an excellent healing tool when recovering from injury along with physical therapy.

During a private session with me, you will learn:

  • how to modify poses, and using chairs, straps and blocks for support.
  • develop a personalized practice for home.
  • structural alignment.
  • breathing and meditation teqniques.
  • Yogic/Ayurvedic Philosophy.

I also work with private groups if you are celebrating a special event and want to have a private yoga class with friends.