Nicaragua Wellness Retreats

Granada, Laguna de Apoyo, Playa Gigante. We offer two different kinds of experiences and also mix and match if you want a little of both! Adventure, fitness, yoga, relaxation on the beautiful Pacific Coast. You can lazily soak up the sun on the beach or be adventurous and surf or go on a sunset boat tour to see dolphins or whale watch and swim in the cooling Pacific Ocean. Want to walk around a beautiful Colonial city and take in all the sites of the city of Granada and visit the Islands right on the Lake Nicaragua and hike the beautiful volcano of Mombacho? Plenty of yoga, walking, hiking, body work and great food! We also visit the nearby Laguna de Apoyo which is just a refreshing time. Here you can horseback ride, hike, ziplining (Umm, you get to see beautiful butterflies and birds!) swim, play ping pong, dance, do yoga, get massages, or just relax and read or all of the above! You pick your destination, we arrange it all! We hold retreats twice a year and are excited to have people gaining interest in this beautiful country.

This retreat is for you if you like tropical beaches, the ocean, want to go on a vacation, learn a bit about health, nutrition and wellness, life to stay active while traveling, a seeker, explorer, adventurous, yoga, hiker, fitness-oriented.

Cost: $999  (1 daily meal, yoga, gym access, diet basics workshop).

* This excludes airfare. 5 nights at option of two beautiful hotels and depending on your specific accommodation needs.

About Nicaragua.

Nicaragua the largest of the Central American countries, has an area of 49,998 sq mi, which includes the area covered by the waters of Lake Nicaragua (about 3,089 sq mi) and Lake Managua (396 sq mi). Comparatively, the area occupied by Nicaragua is slightly smaller than the state of New York.