Why seasonal cleansing?

This is a cleanse for two weeks at the juncture of spring and fall months. This allows for you to hit the reset button of possible accumulations from the previous seasons and lets you be ready for the seasons to come. The cleanse is a time to rest, restore, recharge, reenergize and rejuvenate. We lead these seasonal cleanses for individuals to learn how to sync with the season present; they learn what foods, lifestyle, exercise, yoga, and awareness practices can most support this connection.

In spring, cleansers feel more vibrant. In summer, they feel more relaxed. In fall, they feel more supported. And in winter, they feel more grounded. Overall, cleansers most often comment on the delicious nature of all the recommended meals, the deep love they feel in caring for themselves with sweet lifestyle practices, and the freedom from the patterns they often feel hold them back.

These cleanses are not designed to “detox”, or help you “shed weight fast”, or give you superhuman energy. They are designed to improve the functioning of your organs of detoxification (i.e. liver), support a balanced metabolism and blood sugar, and improve your sleep, so that you can feel like the most balanced and beautifully human version of yourself.

We lead cleanses for groups online and locally each season. Check the events listing above for the next cleanse, and if you’d like to invite me to offer a cleanse at your studio or for your training, please email us intuitionunleashed@gmail.com.